I hold a forest so deep.

Secret paths where branches release

their fluttering confetti

and coat the mint grey stones below.


Death and joy fall to the forest floor,

joining the breeze to celebrate the mystery –

layering lessons earned through eternity.


Memories gather with grace

back to her loamy soil,

soft and full with forgiveness.

Floating paper angels quietly landing

in the ivy that clings and creeps –

holding all of the Underworld



I crawl under her lush lace blanket.

She envelops my skin –

a soothing shelter.

A liberation.


My human disappears into my kin.

we undulate under the light of the moon,

animated –

possessed by the wind.


Taken over by a wild pulsing –




My roots ripple with electricity,

overcome with waves of bliss and grief.

Purging pains embroidered

into this body.

Releasing an unknown Love trapped –

finally freed.


She’s always been Here –

silent and expecting.

Awaiting your exquisite surrender

to that Untamed Holy Force within.


Just let it out.

Just let it in.


I hold a forest so deep




fallen leaves


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