Do you ever find yourself procrastinating on things that are really important to you? As if they will go away if you don’t focus on them?

Sometimes we push back on our responsibility to ourselves.

And it is a responsibility to commit to trying your best to make your own dreams come true. To align authentically with your calling.

I’ll admit that I keep putting off Soul Rooting.

I haven’t been working on it. Just like some of you who keep pushing their dreams to the side. Afraid of your own power.

If I made it a goal to post on social media 2x a week and I still haven’t been able to do that even though I am fully aligned to the purpose behind it…maybe I don’t really feel that I’m capable.

Maybe I don’t see myself as powerful enough to have an impact. Or maybe I don’t trust that I will follow through.

What if I don’t have anything worthwhile to say?

These fears pop up all the time. Even for “successful” people.

The difference is, they don’t let those fears get in the way of the responsibility they have to themselves to make sure they follow through and give it their best shot.

They dare to get vulnerable. They dare to be seen.


Remember Your Why

Remember why you need to express…why you need to share your inner world.

You want to make a difference. To move people. To inspire them to live to their full potential.

roots exposed

How can you do that when you’re running away from your own?

Soul Rooting is the expression of your Life’s Journey. Please share it.

Don’t let yourself shrink into the corner. I know that’s your default.

Be all the things you admire in others:

Fierce, raw, wild, free, deep, poetic…

A pure muse.


A channel for the feral nature we all hide underneath our layers of propriety and niceness.

You’ve been there before. Let’s tap into that again.

It’s up to You.

Unearth your animal.

It’s time to show up.

I can feel her clawing her way up from my throat.

Say it!

Say it all!

Don’t let anything go unspoken.

You have the power to change everything.

Stop being the passive observer for a moment.


This is your chance to let go of all your toxic beliefs and patterns!

You’re aware, yes. But it’s time to take ACTION.

Let’s Become.

Become that person you know is still buried in there.

Let her out.

It is safe now.

No need to hold yourself prisoner.

You don’t “have to” do anything.

Start Choosing.

Create Beauty!




Remember who You are.



Here I Go

I’m being very transparent with this blog. I feel like it’s the only way to keep myself coming back. I am fully committed to my truth and to bearing my soul. If there isn’t any risk then what’s the point? I’m here to transform. I’m here to strip myself of all the layers of armor so that I can finally birth my true self into existence.

But up until now, I’ve been playing it safe. I’ve been creating from a place of half-assed-ness.

I need to feel like I’m being real. I need to get it all out. Maybe that’s selfish or maybe I’m not doing what I’m “supposed to” be doing as a blogger because I’m not putting my audience before myself.

But how can I produce anything authentic if I’m not giving you my truth in my own authentic and raw way?

I feel that if I’m coming from that place of freedom, real inspiration and impact will sprout forth.

People aren’t moved by articles that merely list the steps to becoming a better person. Those articles and books are important and useful. But in my opinion, people are more moved and motivated when they come across something that has been excavated from someone else’s deep pain and lived experience.

So that’s what I’ll do. bravery

This is very difficult and very different for me.

I’ve started many blogs before but I’ve never made them so personal with the goal of growing a business from them. I’ve gotten personal. But not this close to the heart. To the body. To my inner child. My animal.

The Aries Full Moon has lit a fire within me and I don’t want to let it burn out. It’s a flame I’ll learn to caretake by breathing the air of my consciousness into it as often as possible.

I accept this as my responsibility.

If I want to embody my Soul Purpose, I will need to hold myself to this promise.

I hope that whoever is reading this will be inspired to take responsibility for their own unique purpose by committing to themselves every day. Be open to discovering yourself time and time again.

Grant yourself your own freedom.




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