About Soul Rooting

I’m glad you’re here.

If you’ve found your way to Soul Rooting it means that you’re a unique and deep soul who loves to get to the root of things. Especially when it comes to your Self-Knowledge, discovering your Dreams, reaching your Potential, and fulfilling your Purpose.

I love meeting other Seekers!

Let’s excavate some dark soils to find the original seeds.

Let’s make sure your roots are spread wide to get as many nutrients as possible.

And let’s make sure our trunk is sturdy and strong so that your flowers can bloom and so your leaves sway freely in the wind!

But first…


Who Am I?


Hi, my name is Nicole.

Since grade school, I’ve been in awe of the beauty and intelligence of nature and the lessons it teaches us.

I believe that when we surrender and listen deeply to our own bodies, emotions, souls, and the earth itself, this is the same as experiencing what some call God/Source.

So much is possible once we start tapping into that power.

Over the past 6 years of solo traveling around the USA living and working in national forests, intentional communities, permaculture ecovillages, holistic retreat centers, farms, and temples, I’ve settled down and grown some Roots.

It feels good to ground into familiar soil and to be still. To grow sturdy as well as wildly.

I’m excited to continue on the inner path and I hope we can learn from each other here as we grow into our Highest Selves.

Why Did I Create Soul Rooting?

Good question.

As I was growing up, (and really when does that stop?), I felt a lot of pain around my perceived difference from others and never felt that I belonged or that my presence or absence mattered.

I didn’t understand why I couldn’t relate to anyone around me and always felt so lonely and alien.

I never felt seen or understood.

Maybe you can relate?

I often found myself escaping into fantasy, developing a rich inner world, and just being quiet in nature.

It was in the woods around the age of 12 that I first felt an experience of God, Source, The Now, Higher Self, or whatever you prefer to call It. There were no other people around but I never felt less lonely in my short life. Time stopped. I felt like the trees were communicating with me. I could feel the presence of each living thing. Everything came alive.

I wanted to know more.

Why did I feel different from others? What makes others think, feel, believe, and act so differently? What if people took the time to understand each other? What made Nature feel so magical? Why did the woods make me feel so connected and alive? Why did people make me feel so afraid and ashamed? What else could Nature teach me? What was my purpose? Why was the world so backward?

Everyone seemed to stay on the surface and pretend.

I had an unnamed outrage.

A deep loneliness.

Why didn’t anyone want to get to the root of things?!

Why couldn’t they see what I see?

Why wasn’t anyone else asking questions?!

I was really starting my spiritual search for Self, God, and the meaning of life. I wanted to know myself and my place in the world.

And I guess I still do.

The quest never really ends, but today almost 30 years later I feel more grounded in my Self, connected to Source, and sure of my purpose or life’s dream.

What I really want is to help others on that same path and that’s the goal of this project.

I want to help others know themselves, accept themselves, feel safe in their own skin, work to change unhelpful patterns, discover their dreams and talents, and grow into their full potential.

It all starts with holistic Self-knowledge.


My Deep Seeded Hope

I am not perfect and I’m not a guru.

I’m still working through whatever comes up.

The difference is I know I’m ok. I’m aware of my patterns and I catch myself when I fall.

I’ve not only accepted my weirdness and sensitivity, but I see them as my strengths – the reason for my insight – and, hopefully, a gift that I can give others.

Even if I only offer inspiration and a starting point.

Guided by the wisdom of Nature and your own body, Soul Rooting hopes to help you uncover your authentic Self.

With this newfound Self-awareness and deep Self-knowledge, you will be better able to discover your passions and unique talents.

I want to empower you to give the world your gifts so that you can fulfill your Soul Purpose and make the world a better place in your own way.

Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Dig deep and reach high,



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