“Do you think there’s no more consciousness when we die?”

My boyfriend asked me this question recently because his close friend just passed suddenly and he’s been on his mind a lot.

The question is something that I think about often but at that moment it broke my heart a little bit.

The truth is, no one really knows.

Humans like to pretend we do and maybe we could have some vague idea that makes a lot of logical sense. But this doesn’t strike me as a question that can be answered with logic.

I can only give my honest guesses. So I gave it my best shot. death is a mystery

I said:

I’m not sure. 

It’s a really nice thought that we hold onto our own separate consciousness when we go. 

But sometimes I have a thought that maybe we become one with the collective consciousness or God. That the body is the only thing that keeps us separate and once it dies we become one with everything and everyone. 

But.. a lot of religions say there are separate souls and karma. I don’t know. 

It’s a mystery.

The greatest mystery that entire religions have been created upon.

Wars have been fought over who is right with God.

But maybe they all hold a slice of the truth.

I’m okay with not knowing.


Life Matters

Just because I’m okay with not having clear answers to this question doesn’t mean I don’t think about what happened to those close to me who are no longer here physically.

All I know how to do is really be here.

Because someday I won’t be.

root down. reconnect. rise up.

So I grow my roots into the Earth. I let the knowledge that I am part of everything and that I am made of the Earth fill my entire body.

I (attempt to) accept that we are all pieces of One whole. Anything we do affects everything else. We are all connected.

With every action, I want to affirm that this life matters.

What we do matters.

Our presence and our absence matters.

And you know this because you miss someone who is gone. You know this from the impact others have had on your life.

Please know that others feel the same about your presence.

I want to spend my time doing what I love, surrounding myself with the people I love, and creating more love, beauty, and inspiration around me.

I want this for others so badly.

I want them to see and experience the beauty of life. Even through the pain and difficulties. It’s even more important in those moments.

So take the time to really feel how special this life is.

It may not always feel good and it will come with pain and challenges.

And I know that it’s worth it. I won’t take it for granted.

We may not know what happens when we die. But for right now we know that we’re Matter.

That we matter.



Live Fully

live fully

Don’t be afraid of your power and your inherent worth. What happens after this life will become clear once you step over the line yourself. Don’t let it pass you by just thinking about where it will lead.

Fully live in this life and this body now.

Let yourself be embodied by the mystery.

Instead of wondering what happens when we die, I’m becoming more interested in the question:

What happens when we fully live?

What about you? Since you are visiting this site I’m sure you’ve thought about what happens to our consciousness when we die as well. What do you think happens when we die?




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