A lot of people tend to think that art comes from pain and suffering. And while it may often be the case that pain is transformed into art, you need to feel relaxed and safe in order to let the walls down and create something from the heart.

It takes courage and vulnerability.

Having sanctuary is so crucial to that creative process.

Sanctuary is a safe haven. A sacred place where you can connect to YourSelf and to Source.

This will look different to different people. Some will think of themselves in a quiet cozy room filled with relaxing aromas and calming sounds surrounded by candles. Some will envision a beautiful church. Others will think of a person. Or their favorite spot in the wilderness next to a creek. How about a brightly colored room surrounded by inspiring works of art or things that hold meaning for you?

What important is that it feels safe for your true Self to be seen and expressed.

A place to become liberated while committing to the self-responsibility of bringing forth that which is within you.

Do you have a creative sanctuary where you can feel fully free and safe to be vulnerable?



Finding My Sanctuary

For me, creative expression is part of my spiritual path that will create a business that will support my physical needs and will give back to the community.

This is my hope and vision.

That Soul Rooting will feed me and others at the same time. I want to inspire and help people see the beauty in all things. including themselves.

I want them to see the depth of themselves and be able to hold all that it contains without fear. (Or maybe with fear but able to bear it).

I want to help people make friends with their demons so they feel unhindered enough to really reach their full potential and give the world their gifts.

I want this to be a place I love to go. A place where I feel free to write whatever is in my heart or body that is afraid to come out or that can’t be held in any longer. A purging. A triumph. A meeting.

A place where I let my authenticity flow. I want to connect with that current again.

I used to be more inspired. I think in the past I used to let myself go to that wild untamed place more often. I gave myself permission. I was more present with myself without the distractions of the internet.

The internet has killed my creativity in some ways. And I edit myself way too much.

(Though I am grateful that we are all able to use it as a platform to spread beauty, ideas, and connection).



What is your Sanctuary?

Where do you go to just be?connect

To cry?

To create?

When do you feel most free?

Or most fulfilled?

Most content?

Is it a physical space like a room or a quiet spot in nature?

Or is it a place in your inner world you go to?

Is it a group with other creative people?

If you don’t have a Sanctuary yet, what do you think you need to do in order to make this happen for yourself?

What would it look like?

How would you feel when you are there?

What kinds of things would you do?

What would you create?

Feel free to journal answering these prompts and leave your answers in the comments.





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