Today is the Scorpio New Moon and the perfect time to choose your death.

Not literally.

I’m not talking about physical death. I mean finding the parts of ourselves that hold us back in fear. If you’re not feeling effective or fully aligned with your soul purpose or your values then it’s time to evaluate what’s keeping you stuck. Withing you there is something that is preventing you from living the life you want.

What is it?

What part of yourself do you choose to let go of?

Scorpio is all about transformation, rebirth, sex, taboo, and what is hidden in the darkness and the unknown.

The new moon is a time for starting something new. Planting seeds and nurturing a future rebirth.

So let’s put it together with some journal prompts.


Journal Prompts

Answer as many as you like to get the ball rolling. shedding skin

In order for this new growth to happen, what are you letting die? 

What will you feed the seeds that will be germinating soon? 

What does this compost I’ve accumulated through all of the falling away releasing and dead pieces of my past really consist of? 

What am I creating

What new life will be born from all of this shedding and the nutrients that come from that? 

What is the transformation that’s happening within me right now? 

How can you use your creative energy in order to birth something meaningful to you?

What parts of you need to die?

How can you use that death as compost and nutrition for something I want to grow into the future? 

What parts of myself are holding me back from giving birth to the new me?

parts of me that need to die

Maybe some of these ring true for you?

I am choosing the death of the part of myself that’s afraid to speak.

I choose the death of my silence.

I choose the death of scarcity and the poverty mindset.

I choose the death of all kinds of repression within myself.

These parts of me die by taking action every day through or by:



Fear Is Blocking Your Dreams

What fears are holding you back?

Your fear of being seen?

Being heard and seen and then being rejected or replaced?

Being proved unimportant?

A fear of appearing stupid?

Fear of ridicule and humiliation?

Fear of being wrong factually and being wrong or defective as a person?let go of fear

The fear of others seeing there is something wrong with you? (Hint: there isn’t).


Feelings of inferiority and inadequacy?

The fear of taking up space and playing BIG?

Being in the spotlight is vulnerable?

Being held accountable and responsible?

Are you afraid of being exposed as a fraud because of imposter syndrome?

Are you afraid you’ll be seen as incapable, incompetent, and naive?

Do you have a false belief that you can’t do fill in the blank?



But haven’t you been seen and heard with positive feedback before?

Haven’t you inspired others with your words, kindness, insight, patience, bravery, or talent?

Don’t you know that we are all the same?

That means no one is inherently more valuable than you. We are all made of the same stuff.

The same atoms, chemicals, energy…

Don’t you want others to share their gifts with the world in order to make it a better place?

What makes you different? Is your offering less than?


You are needed!

Your Soul will no longer let you play small.

The real question is:

Who are you to get in the way of what Source wants to create through you?

Soul Purpose


Happy New Moon in Scorpio everyone <3



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